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Friday, October 12, 2007

Screwy Quote For A New Board Member

So the article in the Camera implies the newly appointed Erie Trustee Colin Towner got the nod because of his status as a small business owner and is on board with and knowledgeable of the town's economic development needs.

So why on earth would he say, in response to the time commitment necessary to perform the duties of a trustee, that "As the owner (of my own business), I always have the option of closing the doors."?!

How about - "You dig deep and get it done," or "I accept the challenge" or "I'll find help if necessary" or something along those lines. "I can always close the shop" to deal with trustee duties doesn't sound like a committed business person to me.

I know the Camera cherry picks comments that often raise eyebrows, but this is another Erie-related quote that make me shake my head in wonder.


Doktorbombay said...

A pet grooming business is done by appointment, and thus has a great deal of flexibility. Don't read too much into the quote.

Erie residents should just hope he does give the time necessary. It's critical for small town politicos to give time to the issues so they be fully informed when they vote.

Lafayette residents really have no justification to shake their heads at what the neighbors do or say, there's plenty in Lafayette to shake your head about.


I wouldn't over react to the quotes. Typical feel good stuff.

I'd certainly like to know how Erie is going to attract more diversified housing with their current sub prime foreclosure issues and residential permits dropping like a rock. Also how they are going to deal with the Larkridge Mall, a new WM, etc. on their border 3 miles east of Vista Ridge, etc.

Will be worth watching.

Dan Powers said...

HI Dok: Yeah, head-shaking is not exclusive to my neighbor's issues. But there's something about the quotes from Erie that stand out in the Camera. Maybe Lafayette and Louisville politicos are more tight-lipped.

Hmmm. Perhaps a "best quote from a local official" post would be fun. Or best quote from a candidate...

Doktorbombay said...

Dan, that would be fun. And fairly easy to bait many of them into saying something quotable.

Along those lines, I have much more respect for candidates who aren't afraid to express themselves. I may not agree with them at all times, or perhaps never, but I respect their forthright approach. Those who are quiet scare me.