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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Power of Petition

I love it - the LifeBridge annexation is going to the voters after the Longmont City Council was forced to consider that option or repeal their earlier approval because of a successful citizen petition process.

As Councilor Doug Brown, a supporter of the annexation says in the Times Call: “More accurate and better information will get out there.”

We've debated this topic here and here. Plus check out www.whatsinitforlongmont.com. I will be interested to see the political marketing that happens now that the decision will move out of planning and council meetings and into the wild wild west of public propaganda. The soonest an election will happen is January - lots of fun over the holidays...


Wrongmont said...

I'm not sure what's to love, unless you love another chip away at representative govt. But that aside, there are some subtle nuances in the TC article, like they didn't actually vote to put this on the ballot. That vote will either be next week or Nov 13 - they could easily vote that down, then what?

But it sounds like they'll probably vote to put it on the ballot. My question has always been: will that be the end of it? Especially if the annexation passes? I still say nope.

I don't get this quote: "Dickey said officials have no plans to move forward in Weld County instead of developing in Longmont city limits." Huh? On the surface that sounds like they won't build if theyre not in Longmont, but countless other times they said they would either way.

Teri said...

Nice Blog :)

marco said...
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marco said...

I think the thing to love is that true representative government INCLUDES (does not reject or otherwise frown upon) the possibility that citizens can challenge the decisions of their representatives through a lawful process. But the system was designed so that it's not an easy thing to do. It takes an extraordinary effort -- in this case collecting 4000+ valid signatures in a very short period of time. To be against this kind of citizen action is tantamount to opposing one of the core check-and-balance mechanisms of our democratic system. Is that your intent?

For the record, I don't personally know whether or not Union is a good idea. I have my doubts. But I also can see how it would turn out just fine. But I signed the petition anyway, because...

The issue is, a whole lot of people didn't feel truly heard, included, or represented by their representatives. Council may or may not have made the right decision. Only time will tell. But they obviously made it in the wrong way. Otherwise, so many people wouldn't be so PO'd, and there would have been no reason to go the petition route.

I'm not saying a government body can or should try to make everyone happy all the time, but obviously there's a threshold which the Longmont city council crossed when they passed Union. So vive la peticiĆ³n!

Colorado Russ said...

I'm not surprised that the council decided to put the issue to a vote of the people.

If they had reversed their annexation decision, that would be admitting that they were wrong. Who wants to do that?

By letting the people decide, there is then opportunity to see if the anti-Union folks are just a loud minority, or if most citizens _really_ oppose this development.

Of course, a special election will likely have a low turnout, so it may not prove much.

Anonymous said...

If they don't get city water and city sewer, its over. They can't build high density with WELL and SEPTIC. Lots would have to be nearly an acre apiece for septic fields. Plus the athletic complex and shopping centers would be problematic if they needed septic fields. This is the main reason to USE Longmont. The city manager, Gordon Pedrow is a member of Lifebridge, by the way.

Wrongmont said...

This "extraordinary" effort was 5% of the total population (anyone else notice 20% of the signatures weren't validated?), and lately people have said they were misled and the gatherers were pushy (latest council meeting), so is that your so-called checks and balances?

Benker saying "democracy is alive and well" is such a crock, unless 5% mob rule is democracy. Let's just have a poll for every issue, why bother with elected officials, they're pointless, right? Better yet, let's just filibuster the first hour of every council meeting to stop all other business. Enough sarcasm for now.

My point will be made if this vote goes down (yes to annex) and this
issue still doesn't go away, proving this has NOTHING to do with democracy. I assume many of the signers were, like you, SOLID in their convictions on this issue (personally don't know, have doubts, might turn out fine, etc). But it should make for a fun campaign to watch.

It's over with no water/sewer from the city? Just like Walmart was "over" if this wasn't built? (Land just sold, not looking "over"). All that's in question is will this be in the city or not, that's it.

Anonymous said...

Lifebridge won't build to plan without the city water and sewer. That's clear. Good to see Wrongmont got all worked up over this fact. I didn't know he was a Lifebridger. But over 5000 folks are members, right? I think they should DOUBLE the affordable housing plans in their "Christian" enclave.


So 5% equals mob rule in a democracy?

Help me then with this logic. Voters vote on a ballot issue. The vote is 100,000,001 to 99,999,999. It passes by a difference of 2 votes. A one vote switch is a tie.

The percentage difference is so small it is infintesimal. Yet we have learned to accept that majority rules. Yet 5% is unacceptable?

Thoughts, please.

(Oh, and odds are some folks voter several times, voted illegally, or were dead.)

Wrongmont said...

Hey "anonymous", not sure why I'm wasting time on someone who wont identify himself assuming I'm this or that (not a member of Lifebridge btw), how is this opinion of yours "clear"? You know someone on the inside at LB? I don't, but since I'm not on your peoples side of the argument, I must be part of this Christian conspiracy, right? Wrong. Got a different angle?

Kerry, you are or were a councilmember, right? So lets say you were voted in, perhaps by 15-20% more than your opponent. Perhaps the rest of your council was as well. You try to go about your business at meetings, yet the same group of people do everything to halt you in your tracks. Sometimes you may even agree with them, but you know obstruction and filibustering when you see it (I assume). They comprise of maybe 100 people tops, holding you hostage. They may even gather 5% in signatures, you truly don't believe over half of those people REALLY knew what they were signing or were told 100% of the truth?

I already feel I'm wasting my time, but if you feel that isn't an angry mob type mentality lording too much influence than they're afforded, then "rots of ruck" (PhilHendrie-ism) to you as any kind of effective ELECTED representative. Might as well just quit and take city polls, what leaders we have today.

Anonymous said...

Wrongmont, you're too emotional - it clouds your thinking and penmanship. Again, if Lifebridge can't have city water and sewer, they must have lots large enough to support septic. That cuts housing density SIGNIFICANTLY - in fact 1/5 the homes can be built. A sports stadium running on well and septic isn't gonna fly, fool. You haven't commented on a RELIGIOUS HOA - holy smokes, wrongmont - imagine fooling with the church "elders" and having to sell your home. Dude, perhaps YOU should buy a home there, and try your form of debate at the church-run HOA. You'll end up homeless.

Word out.



Consider the mirror image. You have council members elected from all walks of life with different levels of education, training, and expertise. None have degrees urban planning, annexation, or development.

So up comes a major annexation and development project. They attend workshops and hear presentations and arguments by the developers and the planning staff. Financial info, etc. How much of what is presented do you think the city council understands? The vocabulary, the acronyms, the spreadsheets, the drawings, the legalese, etc.

The folks who get the last word in is the public, after the council has heard hours of "expert" testimony. The spin. And no clue as to the omissions.

That's why the public has to have recourse. Otherwise the system is biased towards the bureacracy.

Wrongmont said...

Kerry, you described a fairly mixed group of council members from all walks of life, maybe they aren't as qualified as some would like, but they are the ones that ran - you won't hear me arguing that the cream of the crop resides in government.

Yes, developers, builders, small businesses, entrepeneurs, all have to "sell" themselves to the public, usually via elected councils. That sure can't be cheap, and it's a gamble they may lose. But this assumption that there must be some evil intent (especially Anon's and others anti-religious biases) is just too "tin-foil hat" for me. LB had their shot, won the vote 6-1, and now apparently anti-LB will have a vote too, or recourse if you will.

I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon that council was fooled, and even if the anti-LB folks are more enlightened than how you paint council, they've taken the more "emotional" course with their rhetoric, while in comparision council has been more rational.

But please, someone, anyone involved in this petition drive answer this: Will you accept the vote if it doesn't go your way? And put your name to it.

Chunky said...

I have yet to see anyone dissatisfied with a City COuncil majority decision ever admit they're speaking for a minority viewpoint. It is always that "this Council is out of touch with what the regular folks want". The myopic, indulgent view of the minority.



It's not about being evil. From the very moment after being elected, the city manager and staff go out of their way to smooze you and make you believe you are a city employee, one of them.

Then it is always about the need for more for government, "can't do this or that without the budget".

marco said...

there are separate issues here:

1- lifebridge
2- citizen petitions

wrongmont, if you're against citizen petitions in general, or if you think they should be structured differently, then why not make that explicit? if the ONLY legitimate and binding city decisions should come from council, then fine. go ahead an argue for that. not just in the case of lifebridge, but in all cases. should this mechanism simply not be available in the first place?

otherwise, the fact remains, a significant number of citizens have signed this petition, and a sufficient number of signatures have been validated to force council to reconsider their previous decision on lifebridge. (keep in mind, this validation also included the opportunity for anyone to challenge and potentially invalidate any signature.) legally speaking, this action has the same legitimacy as any prior council decision. in fact, it has more, since it overturns a prior decision.

you obviously disagree with the petitioners' point of view, but do you disagree with their right to express that point of view via a citizen petition? a slightly different question....

Wrongmont said...

They HAVE expressed their opinion on this, often at the cost of the rest of us that would like to speak to different issues. So yes, they have that right, and have abused it. I think 5% is a little low and no guarantee it'd equate into passing a ballot question.

So this should also answer your other question about decisions by council being binding.

It's not really about Lifebridge, I think I said I'm not a member and they have no idea I'm involved in this argument, which appears to support them. But there's been plenty of other open space and annexations before and after this one - where's the outrage there? No, this is selective and abrasive outrage. And a couple things I've heard and read in the last couple of days leads me to think this petition IS being challenged and faces some legal problems.

Anonymous said...

Great comments about the council. Here's the deal - except for Benker, they are all the same age group, all are longtime Longmonteers, and all have very similar life experience. There aren't any members who have lived elsewhere - where growth issues were handled 20 years ago (Midwest), or are ongoing (South, East). They are mainly hand picked by the Times Call for the so-called "laissez fair" government. That is an oxy-moron. Pirnack is abusive and demeaning at city meetings, and they scold citizens weekly. So much for asking for involvement. The city manager is a member of lifebridge, and Pedrow acts like a King for God's sake. There's too much cronyism in Longmont, and sure cronyism is par for government, we need some changes and a fresh viewpoint and perspective.

They ARE myopic by definition - the group is born of the same age group and same locality. Have you ever talked to these folks? They see Longmont as a resounding success -
"you moved here, and we didn't move to your town".

Alex Schatz said...

So far, every time Union comes up as a topic on this blog, a meta-conversion about anything but the merits of the case ensues. First it was the religious affiliations of the proponents of Union, now the motivations and affiliations of the various political actors involved.

One material issue that seems to be getting some coverage is the question of whether and how development of the same project in unincorporated Weld County would affect density. Was a special district formed or not? When? I thought this was fact, but now I don't understand why that would be true if the property would be developed as individual septic - the special district is just for water supply? Facts please.

Anonymous, if someone solved growth issues in the Midwest, please tell me what they concluded. Last I checked, and I check annually or more often, Chicago and Madison, for example, were still sprawling outward (and upward).

Doktorbombay said...

Yeah, other parts of the country "solved" their growth issues by experiencing soft economies, loss of jobs, and sending people to Colorado. Some solution.

With an increasing population, I've been waiting for over 20 years for someone to explain how we can have no growth. Increasing population is one result of a strong, growing economy. So, please, someone help me understand how we can limit growth in a sustainable way, short of everyone winning the lottery.

Anonymous said...

Boulder has limited growth, and its considered a resounding success. The vast majority of successful eastern and midwestern communities use taxes, and mainly property taxes. They reinvest the money in top notch schools and colleges. Graduates earn fantastic sums of money and pay more for homes - high school graduates aren't sopping up homes in California or in New York City are they. The solution is simple - education, funded by taxes. Taxes reinvested in education provides quality jobs paying 3-10 times the salaries available in Colorado. Our telecom "boom" was shipped to the high school graduates in China and India. The oil and gas "boom" requires warm bodies.

Doktorbombay said...

(This would be on topic re:Lifebridge if the issue was growth, but my take is the issue has taken on an anti-religion air, so I'm not sure we're even remotely on topic when debating growth....)

However, anon, if your definition of resounding success is inflated home prices, no diversity, and an overwhelming air of elitism, yes, Boulder would be considered a resounding success.

Nor is there anything remotely attractive about California or New York City (nice places to visit, wouldn't want to live there). And, not everyone in these areas is highly educated. Varying levels of economic status are necessary for a healthy economy. Somebody has to fill the jobs in the service industries. If your argument is that education will solve the growth problem, it doesn’t fly.

Salaries are higher on both coasts simply because those regional economies have inflated salaries to keep up with inflated costs of living (vicious cycle). The really smart ones ride the higher prices on the coast and then move here to live a better life at a lower cost. Not helping the growth problem at all. So, how did their education help the growth issue?

And, most importantly, high salaries and high-priced homes may be a sign of a high cost of living, but are not necessarily indicative of a good standard of living. From a personal standpoint, I recently left a company which offered me a fantastic salary along with a promotion to live on one of the coasts. I turned them down to stay here because there are much more important things in life than a higher salary and a higher priced home.

Anonymous said...

Much more important things than a "higher salary and a higher priced home"?

Well, Colorado homes WERE much higher priced than the nation back in 2001, and we've stagnated while the national home price nearly doubled. Of course, home prices increased beyond ability to pay for them, and we have a national problem now.

But Colorado has such a poor educational system compared to both coasts and the Midwest, you are wasting your children's future living here. I hope you don't have kids. Boulder 'elitism's' cornerstone is their EDUCATION, and we note they have their own school district. Longmont, Firestone, Frederick, Mead, Erie and other pitiful "towns" fight for scraps and redundancy, preferring a new building to a quality teacher.

Again, until recently, Colorado homes were among the highest priced in the nation. What happened homie?

Word out.

Unbelievable said...

You are wasting a lot of energy on anger. Maybe you should redirect some of that energy towards improving this tragic society. Or better yet, go see how great schools are in the cities of the east coast. You don't have a clue.

Doktorbombay said...

Anon, you should check your facts. Colorado has not had high home prices compared to many other places in the country - namely most places along the east coast, the entire west coast and many larger cities in the middle.

Many blame the recent increase in Colorado home prices on people escaping both coasts and moving here for the better lifestyle - which includes excellent education.

Boulder County and other small pockets like Aspen, Vail, and Telluride have high prices, but not the entire state.

That job I turned down was in Seattle. I wasn't interested in moving to a place where the same size home I have in Boulder County was going to cost me 50% more. Home prices are not at all high here, compared to many other places.

And, my kids - products of Colorado schools - have unfortunately become a dentist and an elementary school teacher. Guess the local schools did OK.

But, you may be on to something. If we paint a horrible picture of how things are here, maybe not so many people will move here. That will keep growth under control.

Anonymous said...

Um - the quality of teacher here in Colorado is considered the lowest in the nation, and their pay scale bears this out. Out of staters, with higher levels of education, won't come here to teach. It stands to reason in-staters, like your poorly educated daughter remain to teach.

Colorado is still a thinly populated state, so your idea of lots of people moving here is fantasy. More folks found Arizona and Nevada more appealing. Our entire state population is still less than coastal city or midwestern regional populations.

Colorado is not a leader in any area of world economy - back to education. CU is comparable to Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, or ANY Big Ten college? Come on now, I appreciate you misguided pride, but accept the truth. This state isn't much better than Wyoming. If it were such a good deal, Intel would have built their chip plant HERE instead of Arizona. Motorola is in Arizona too.

Word out.

Anonymous said...

As for growth - the areas west of the divide and along I-70 completely devastated by beetle kill will make the California "disaster" look like a joke. Our highly educated world leaders, all Colorado products, and their redneck friends are still playing ostrich on this one. The future of this state is very dim - except for oil and gas extraction. I agree with the other anonymous - the education here is poor, which is why major employers don't put key facilities in Colorado. They can't lure talent. If you want to ramp up employment, you have to spend a fortune FLYING IN JOB APPLICANTS FROM OUT OF STATE.

So, I see the posters here aren't in management or hiring.

Talent comes from OUT OF STATE - which is why we face growth "problems". Colorado students - the few who go to college, tend to perform poorly.

Most of CU's enrollment is from out of state - in state students don't cut the mustard. They end up at FRCC or Metro State, with no admission standards.

Our so-called teachers are edjumcated at Metro. What a joke. We don't have a national reputation for education.

Unbelievable said...

Can we calm down the attacks? I don't think there is any need for this aggressive approach. Move to Arizona already! Or are you already there? If you think CO population isn't growing you have YOUR head in the sand. I don't think your tone is worthy of response, just can't understand how you think that is appropriate.

Dan Powers said...

Hey Anonymous: Please check out the general tone and style on this blog: throw in some specific sources, references and facts along with your sweeping condemnations. We don't need negative generalizations as part of specific-topic blog posts. Take generic whining and nay-saying over society to another blog.

Doktorbombay said...

Anons statements are so off base they have to be intentionally confrontational. No one is this ill-informed. Someone having fun and baiting the blog for responses.

Started out ridiculously absurd, but after a personal attack on my kid (which BTW I didn't identify as son or daughter), not funny anymore.

Anonymous said...

You're all right - Colorado is perfect. We have low property taxes and laissez fair government styles and everything turns up roses - except for Boulder, according to posters on this ideological site. Why is Boulder "elitist"? If so, what is wrong with that?

Are we here to aspire to be below average? Is the purpose of this site to lower standards? Is competition a bad thing? After all, "growth" fires up everyone on this site. People win big and people lose big when the COMPETE for growth. Outside of Boulder, this is what we see. I read about Erie, Frederick, Firestone, Lafayette, Louisville, Longmont, Mead, Berthoud and so forth here - they are all COMPETING for the same thing. No one outside of Boulder seems to be winning, and surprisingly, Boulder is doing well by limiting growth.

Yet I hear folks saying we need growth?

Supply and demand folks. Prices rise for things in high demand, and they fall for things in lower demand.

How are the foreclosures going in the towns I've mentioned? Sure enough, homes will be well within the affordable range next year.

In the end, employment and JOB QUALITY drive the economy, and it all gets back to edjumacation. If you are ANTI ELITE, then you'll get what you want - blight.

Don't you want your children to be better educated? Don't you want your home values to increase rather than DECREASE? This says that your leadership and policy has created a DEMAND.

I don't see "growth" going on here - people are leaving folks.

There's a lot of empty homes in Longmont right now.

And by the way, how can a guy posting as "Wrongmont" be PRO ANYTHING about Longmont? What an idiotic handle - Wrongmont! I've heard "bongmont", schlongmont, Taco Flats, Long Angeles, Longtucky and a host of other horrible phrases associated with Longmont, and a guy named "Wrongmont" is defending the place?

I know, "go back where you came from" is the phrase we hear from the "natives" of any state, but there aren't many "natives" left in Colorado. They are living on reservations, you know.

Anonymous said...

What I find amusing is this - the Lifebridge thing is all about personal attacks - folks don't want a religious enclave near Longmont. Lifebridge is all about "personal attack", but it is simply disguised. So, persecute the members of Lifebridge, but your kids and your views are perfect and the Word. I can't believe a guy named "Wrongmont" expects any respect - what a hypocrite. "Wrongmont defends Longmont" After all, the existence of his website lowers property values in Longmont and makes the town appear to be a horrible place to live.

Wrightmont said...

Dan Powers is a bigger hypocrite than "Wrongmont" - He says this: Hey Anonymous: Please check out the general tone and style on this blog: throw in some specific sources, references and facts along with your sweeping condemnations. We don't need negative generalizations as part of specific-topic blog posts. Take generic whining and nay-saying over society to another blog.

Well, his blog is basically a place where he and his friends can WHINE about ALL of east Boulder County. Its hilarious. Why don't you guys RUN FOR MAYOR OR CITY COUNCIL? Perhaps because you're such whiners you can't? Its easier to whine about things on the internet than deal with REAL PEOPLE IN THE FLESH at council meetings or volunteering to make things better?

You guys are a HOOT!!!!!!!!

Mayor McCheese said...

Dear Anonymous - what you need to understand is this - this blog is Dan Power's blog. No one will give him the time of day at city meetings. He whines too much, so he's started this blog so he and his pals can whine and feel better about themselves. This is a "sounding board", or a place where the losers and disgruntled blow off steam. They can't solve issues in a productive manner, so they come here, to the internet, in a virtual world and spout off.

IF they really cared, they would use this blog as a tool to constructively solve issues, rather than post "Signs and Lies" and other such poppycock. Lets face it, you aren't reading anything where some city is actually doing something RIGHT in Dan's mind are you?

This is Dan's world, and his Mickey Mouse club - you can start your own club too, like Wrongmont has.

Imagine being Powerless with a last name like Powers? Its got to be hard.


Wow, my screen is about to melt. Bloggers unleashed.

Dan posts stuff to get a reaction. If he posted the "everything is fine and wonderful" stuff, who would comment or debate about it. (if he can find that kind of stuff). He could run a sports blog so we could debate the Rockies ticket selling strategy. Or does Britney deserve custody of the kids blog.

Wrightmont, I'm running for re-election for Lafayette's city council. So I am putting myself where my mouth is.

Now Boulder has a lot of problems. But this is an East Boulder County blog. They are the big elephant in the room and the surrounding cities are impacted by the Boulderites and the Boulder dominated county politics. Over the years, Lafayette has become the homeland of Boulderites fleeing Boulder. The ones that I have met are happy to have escaped. And now we don't have to drive to Boulder to pay the high prices.

I participate in this blog to challenge and be challenged. Good jousting. But why take the guards off the end of the lances and run each other through?

Alex Schatz said...

Honestly, I'm not sure there's been enforcement of fact-based argument in many, many other previous discussion topics, so I'm willing to excuse the anonymous prattle. At best, the standard of what qualifies as relevant to any given discussion here are subjective at best...

But anyone who thinks this blog is a one-size-fits-all lovefest of political outsiders, or that Dan lacks any sophistication in his analysis, must be new here.

Now, is anyone going to talk about Union, pro or con?

Anonymous said...

I'm pro Union. We control Longmont politics and we have many members working in local government. Folks point out that Brother Pedrow is the city manager. We deserve a little payback for all we give to the city. Sure, some might argue that Brother Gordon's pay is excessive, and it is ($130,000), but we expect him to deliver for Lifebridge in his role as city manager, and he has. Sure, we don't want so-called affordable housing in our new development. Why not? Well, we feel this city policy is misguided and we don't want them meddling in our affairs. We do want city services like water, sewer, fire, police, garbage collection and so forth....which is why we expect the city to capitulate to our demands.

Wrongmont said...

Well, the local nutjobs found your site Dan, good luck. Probably all the same guy anyway. Whatever.

Yet another simpleton figuring my site name must be negative, that is so new and original, who told you that one?

With your moron logic, do I also get credit when property values went up? And the other bright "anon", if it is a different person, "Wrongmont defending Longmont" wouldn't be hypocrisy, it'd be an oxyMORON.

I don't have a club that I know of, which are you part of?

Of course they won't identify themselves (notice who hasn't commented here yet?) as if exposed, who and what they are would blow their groups chances at beating this annexation.

$130k is excessive? Sweet. Spoken like a good little socialist. Get along now, play time is over.

Right Monty said...

Wrongmont - you're such a mean and hateful man. Your post above shows this, as does your "name" (Is this your legal name, idiot?). Your website is hateful as well. Most who stumble across this site figure YOU are the local "nutjobs" pal. The reason we post anonymously is because we fear aggressive, crazy people like you, Wrongmont. You have a reputation. I certainly don't want you harassing me and my family, now do I?

This site allows "anonymous" posting for good reason - to protect our identities from YOU, Mr. Wrongmont.

Nice name, Wrongmont.

Anonymous said...

I gotta say, DO NOT be bullied by Wrongmont. He's a piece of work, and he WILL harass you and your family if he gets your name. I'd continue posting, but do NOT let him get your name. You can see if you don't "agree" with that nut job, he'll badger you and worse.

Zweck Supporter said...

Wrongmont spends most of his waking moments harassing the Zweck family:


I would definitely NOT give your name to that crank.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of those of us that are getting bored to death by this, I'd thank you for mixing in a little substance with your character assassinations.

E. Nonymous said...

I've got to put in my 2 cents - I am not bored by this! Most of the posts have been like a mantra - posted by robotic ideologues. It was like a mirror site of a city council meeting. So-called naysayers are what "intense debate" is all about. If you want someone to stroke your ego, pay a prostitute.

Eduardo Sureno said...

Chris said: "$130k is excessive? Sweet. Spoken like a good little socialist. Get along now, play time is over."

Um Chris, your last name is Rodriguez. Are you running one of those "landscaping" businesses using a bunch of illegals for labor? Or is your brother in home building? Colorado is built on slave labor from Mexico friend - don't push it.

Mrs. Pedrow said...

Wow, Mr. Wrongmont is a bitter man. Why is he so hateful? I pray for him. Maybe he should join our church - I belong to Lifebridge. I think we can help him, and he needs help.

Wrongmont said...

Aww, now why don't you comment on YourHub or email me directly, you obviously hunted around and found my name?

And now the anti-annexationers reveal along with everything else they're racists and bigots (until those comments removed). How nice. At least now I know their "club" they referred to involves white sheets. Yep, be proud.

I know the regulars here are smart enough to know that all of those ridiculous comments are from the closeted alter-egos of posters we've read before, here and other places. When they have nothing else, this is where they sink and their true hateful, bigoted selves come out. Of course now they must remain anonymous...lookout, the bogeyman may get ya!

Race Bannon said...

Chris - where did race enter into all of this? You should carefully read your post - it is racist. How can you imply those against Lifebridge have the qualities you stated above? White sheets? Sorry, but I think you are a racist if you imply any white skinned person has the horrible qualities you attribute to them.

Your post, written in YOUR words clearly shows you to be a racist. We know you are a misogynist, but your true racist attitudes now come out loud and clear.

I suppose you are one of those racists who think "minorities" cannot be racist? Look up the definition, pal.

Anonymous said...

This is inane, folks.

Race Bannon said...

Anon - Wrongmont is a contributor to this site. He's listed. Take it up with him. But don't give him your name - he's a bulldog and he's paranoid. He appears to be a racist as well.

Wrongmont said...

Where did race enter this? Are you that stupid or couldnt read the other guy bringing up my ethnicity, figures. Hurry before it's deleted.

I guess I'm doing alright if only annonymously posting cowards are taking those kinds of shots at me.

Constructive criticism? Can take it all day long. Oh, haha, and that Zweck thing, that's pretty funny, or do you defend law breakers and people who threaten you and your family. Probably do, probably do it. Yep, play that game and "bulldog" is the least of your worries.

I'm dying to see your next angle, wait I got it, I'm "hand picked" by the city elders. LOL, Later losers.

Doogie Hoser said...

Chris Wrongmont, maybe you should get a job and stop lurking on Dan's blog? Again, good thing he doesn't know our names....yet. Look at him going after the Zweck family. WOW!

I mean really, don't you have anything better to do? You have more posts on Dan's blog than HE DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why not start your own blog Holmes?

Wrongmont said...

Wait a sec, get a job? I thought I was mowing lawns or building homes? Talk about lurking, I was invited to contribute to this site, what's your excuse?

But thanks for the skyrocketing hits on my site ("why not start your own?"..like you didnt know), and while it's not enough to actually laugh all the way to the bank, it's still money, appreciate it.

Sureno Holmes said...

You're a piece of work, homie. You're making Dan look like an idiot for associating with you. So you make a "living" on ad money from a website?