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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Louisville's Big X Factor

I hope Louisville's Council candidates now are asked to brainstorm on what they'd like to see - or be willing to approve - for the 400+ acre former StorageTek campus that recently sold for an undisclosed sum to an undisclosed buyer. (Camera and Hometown News versions of the topic.)

At this point there's no plan on the table, although the assumptions that Class A office space is the likely target of developers seems right on. Such a development would impact Boulder more than East BoCo, at least in terms of luring away substantial amounts of current businesses.

I am curious to hear the ideas from candidates, as that is really the last large parcel that could redevelop in Louisville; yet it isn't contiguous to old town or other neighborhoods in a way that grabs residents' attention; the discussion lends itself to more philosophical growth decisions. While Issue 2A is the front burner topic this election, StorageTek's redevelopment deserves to be discussed as well. For politicians, the topic is in that free-form area where you can pontificate about what would be nice, what you would like to see, etc. to appeal to your target demographic. Great campaign fodder without any threat of tangible consequences.


Alex Schatz said...

Louisville has been in slow growth mode for how long? Ten years?

Until North End came along with a couple hundred new units. But that's just a warm up for the StorageTek campus.

Personally, I'd kind of like to see another major, regional primary employer. And some nice trail links to the west (I think there's a mixed use path dead-ended at the northeast corner of the Flatirons Mall, ready to go to StorageTek on the east, with an underpass at the Turnpike).

Cyclorado said...

There is a nice trail system on the north side of campus, and I think Alex is right about the dead-end trails, ready to connect. It would be nice if the trail system were converted to public use. Currently it is private, but you can easily access it. Good purcahse option for Louisville or the county while it's in transition.

Doesn't Louisville still have a lot of lots available in the Business park near Dillon and 104th? Not as tempting of a site as the former Storage Tek location.


One has to believe the new owners have run their plans by the Louisville folks to feel comfortable the city is favorably disposed. That property is close to the end of the NW Parkway so that has to factor in. Plus the Pakrway deal with the new leasees (on their web site).

I know one of the Sun guys on their real estate committee so I know what he would do.

The dilemna Louisville faces is that Flatirons Mall is just across 36, a few blocks away. So assuming the prop tax is relatively the same, sales tax revenue will be up in the air.

Anyway, a lot of this is already a done deal, regardless of the public processes. That's my Sun guy's attitude.