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Thursday, October 18, 2007

2A In Louisville Becoming Petty, Ugly, Stupid

The folks behind the petition-spawned 2A ballot issue in Louisville are challenging the opinions of 2A opponents through apparently calling some anti-2A businesses and just politely - or threateningly - saying they won't shop their because of their views.

Bill O'Reilly would be proud.

So the pro-2A crowd says the Louisville Revitalization Commission is far too autonomous in its authority and 2A, if approved, would return the LRC's decision making capacities back to the Louisville City Council. Anti-2A'ers say the Council's structured oversight of the Council-appointed LRC is significant and appropriate, that the LRC is not a potential rouge, extra-legal entity and to just leave them alone. Trust the Council and the LRC is the message.

Ty Gee, a member of PreserveLouisville, says in the Louisville Times: “At the end of the day, I kind of wish I hadn’t talked to any of these people,” Gee said. “I realized in doing what I did, I raised the temperature unnecessarily. I’m regretful of that.”

I think what's missed in all this deabte over authority is the way in which the boundaries of the LRC's authority grew to include the King Soopers on South Boulder Road and other non-downtown/Hwy 42 area properties. That's where to ask more questions, regardless of who has authority over the District.




You are right on about why the KS and other property being included.

The pro 2A folks called me and I explained it to them.

Dan said...

Off topic (Thanks for the comment above Kerry): I've installed a great new commenting system called Intense Debate on the posts starting yesterday. This new system will require a different way to list recent comments, which I haven't figured out yet. I'll make a post on the the best ways to use Intense Debate later Monday. The gist - you can reply directly to each other's comments and rate commenters...