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Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Victory For "Small Town" Lafayette

Two days ago on my way to a Lafayette Open Space Advisory Committee meeting (I'm a member) I noticed the McDonald's was all dark. Curious follower of businesses that I am, I turned in for a look. Driving by, it was obvious it was closed down. Today in the Daily Camera McDonalds spokesman Carolyn Gust describes the store as not "fitting in", according to the company's strategic plan. It will not be re-opening.

If closing an iconic and ubiquitous business in Lafayette fits McDonald's vision, "small town" advocates in Lafayette must be jumping for joy. One less corporate interloper sucking away customers from the locally-owned dining establishments.

I hadn't been in that McDonald's for months (not a big fast food eater anymore) and don't feel its closing is any huge loss. Gust says the area is already served by other McDonald's. The owners of the Baseline/Hwy 287 McDonalds must be psyched to be the only game in town for Big Mac fans.

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Frank Phillips said...

The same MacDonalds was sued last month for an injury that occurred in the parking lot. Coincidence?