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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Louisville on the Snow Info Rebound

Top of the page in RED on Louisville's website lists contact numbers for snow removal questions. Erie's Mayoral snow response still tops them all (see below).


Anonymous said...

If you like talking to voicemail go ahead and ask why they plow the walking trails instead of the residential streets! I guess our coyotes and the infamous mountain lion needs it easier to get around than the taxpayers. Our street was worthless for over a week without a politically incorrect SUV.
5th Best City to Raise a Family in a Land Rover. Louisville Public Works stinks and Bill Simmons is laughing on his way to his bank :-(

Cyclorado said...

I will agree that Louisville has done a terrible job plowing this year. The truth is, the walking trails are maintained by a different department. They get far less traffic and are easy to clear. Maybe you should suppliment your SUV with a bike. Besides, how often do we get snow like this? Get some skis and enjoy it.

Dan Powers said...

An interesting color ad in the Daily TImes Call this past weekend - "Thank You City Employees", complete with snow on top of each letter, with kudos to the snow crews and the patient citizens, signed Sincerely, Gordon Pedrow, Longmont City Manager.

Plus the note: "No public funds were used for this ad."

Such public recognition of public employees is rare - did they deserve it? I wasn't anywhere near Longmont during the snowstorms.