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Friday, January 05, 2007

Longmont on the Ball; Louisville Buried by Comparison

It's interesting to see which communities have considered the snowstorms an issue and to what level. Besides Erie and Lafayette (see below), here's Longmont's website info. All three have links to the info on their website's homepage. Great use of what a homepage is for - the most likely pertinent info for residents. It shows a philosophy of accountability and service, I think.

Superior's take on the storm on their website's homepage is to remind people of the ordinance requiring them to shovel their sidewalks, plus a notice on how to report potholes. I dug through Louisville's site to find their snow removal information, deep in the Public Works section.

And Erie is the only community to have the Mayor make a personal announcement about what's being done and asking for staff to answer questions about it too.

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dreamer-believer said...

No surprise really, Superior and Louisville are rudderless ships without a city manager, snow removal being just the latest in a series of problems/embarrassments.