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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lafayette Needs More Than Cheese Support

If Cheese Importers really does come to Lafayette, there's a hope that the city's $2 million+ investment in the plan will finally be repaid. Read the enthusiastic hopes from surrounding businesses from the Daily Camera. Here's what's lesser know, and why everyone in Lafayette should be cheering for (and shopping at) those neighboring businesses as much as at Cheese Importers: the city's investment will be paid from sales tax revenues in the business district that exceed a baseline created back with the original Cheese Importers deal. (See remarks about the updated deal here.) The rosy projections and plans from a few years ago have not panned out just yet.


Spicoli said...

Dude, I can only eat so many sandwiches from Subway. What would Jared do (to help the City)?

dreamer-believer said...

Jared would open a pilates studio in the shopping center to get some foot traffic going for starters. He would update the signage on South Boulder Road, resurface and restripe the parking lot, get the cheese shop up and operating and hold a "Taste of Lafayette" event in the atrium to entice first time visits from the wider community. Followed by a delicious, nutritious hoagie, dude.

Spicoli said...

A Reformer/Gourmet Cheese/Subway package deal would hit the spot for sure. The City should pass a pilates tax to really cash in.

Anonymous said...

How about making DUI convicts do their community service by holding those spinning signboards for Subway and others along South Boulder Road? While picking up trash and other cleaning jobs help get a job done, think of the ROI on this effort!