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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Labor of Love in Lafayette

Lafayette City Administrator Gary Klaphake calls the recent Cheese Importers deal requiring that company to open a store in the Coal Creek Shopping Center by September 1 part of a "labor of love" (Read more in the Daily Camera.) The Cheese Importers originally were supposed to open a shop in 2005 in the center on the south side of South Boulder Road where the Flatirons Church now stands. Where's the Cheese been?

This new deal deserves some interest as part of the original purchase agreement was designed to repay the city with sales tax revenues from the store, which never opened. The recent deal is meant to "force their hand" as Klaphake says.


Anonymous said...

EZ math
Price of imported cheese + $$$
Lafayete demographics = cheese out of a can

dreamer-believer said...

What is that supposed to mean? People who live in Lafayette are all tacky and/or poor? That's a pretty snotty comment don't you think?

Cyclorado said...

There is certainly a demographic in Lafayette that can afford imported cheese. It's not fair for a company to take advantage of the city. They are actually trying to revitalize this section of town and expected this business to help that along. Efforts could have been made to attract other companies, while the cheese importers decided if Lafayette was the right place. I can't imagine any business deciding they want to set up shop there, so I understand the waffling.