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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Erie Review Gets All Over Mayor Moore

Read the house editorial in the Erie Review about Mayor Andrew Moore's email newsletter regarding the town's reaction to the snowstorms. They really take him to task for minimizing, deferring and propagandizing the events to avoid pointing out how badly the town handled the weather.

Seems like a ton of vitriol for a snowstorm response. Especially when you read an editorial two weeks earlier thanking the various people in east county in general for doing a great job during the storm. Is there anyone still fuming about snow removal efforts? Is this what people prioritize for judgement of elected officials' competence? Seems like a good way to be disappointed.


Mayor Andrew Moore said...


I believe I was the only Mayor who stood up and communicated what was going on with Snow Removal in East County. There is always a risk with communicating but hey, I'd rather be transparent and honest than to hide and say nothing.

You can find my communications on the snow removal at the link below and judge for yourself. http://www.mooreinfo.us/Newsletter/Update%202%20-%202007%201%20Snow%20on%20our%20Streets.html

- Andrew Moore
Mayor, Town of Erie

Dan Powers said...

Your comments were the only ones I saw in the media and/or on the various websites of the other communities, Mayor Moore. Kudos for addressing the issues so publicly. Looking ahead to spring and summer, what's the plan for three days of torrential rain and flooding? How about a week of 100+ degree temperatures? How about people preparing their own homes and lives to handle the punches nature delivers instead of waiting for the government to take care of everything?