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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Erie Mayor Reveals Lowe's is Interested

Imagine: Erie revealed that Lowe's is looking at them as well. Plus, the economic cannibalism concern re: Lafayette's ACE Hardware is a valid concern too. Erie's news outweighs ACE concerns; vote Yes on A!


Dan Powers said...

I must say Cyclorado makes another good point that focus on a new development while Albertson's/WalMart's old haunts wither begs the question of economic development priorities. However I think this type of overall economic planning is not so centralized in the hands of City Council or city staff (thank our lucky stars).

The Comp PLan lays out a vision, and individual property owners should be able to vett and suggest proposals for what they want to do with their land within that scope. If Lowe's and Mr. Waneka feel they have a good thing working out, I say have the city guide and put parameters on it, but not squelch it because another part of town is depressed. The trade-off I see: I choose the Waneka's relative property rights over the side by side comparison with the economic vitality of another part of town.

Cyclorado said...

I can see where this is going to go already. Erie is hungry for some commercial development so that they can finally participate in the tax windfall that neighbors are getting. The 287 strip north of arapahoe will be the next victom of poor regional planning and the need for each city to get it's taxes before the next city down the line takes the opportunity. This goes back to the Walmart discussions from months ago. The only reason that Walmart is getting built is for fear of losing tax revenue. Here is where the city should have had power to invite a redevelopment of the current Walmart site. If they didn't like that, then so long and good luck. Unfortunately hands were tied because there was no one else at the table to share.

I would say that Mayor Moore's comments will probably drive more people to vote Yes, to avoid losing this opportunity. The downfall to Lafayette snubbing him at this tme will most certainly put that 287 land in jeopardy. I don't think there are enough tax dollars to save many of the properties that are up for grabs, at the rate things have developed the past few years. The only moral dilema I can't resolve is the property rights question. Who am I (or the city) to tell someone what they can or can't do with their property? There has to be another way. We impose caps on residential development rates, why not commercial?