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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Comment Free For All Now Available!

Hello Readers - I have received many comments behind the scenes re: the comment moderation time delays. I agree that this keeps the conversation flow somewhat stilted, so I have removed the moderation requirement. This means your comments should appear almost immediately after you submit.

My concerns have been twofold - one, it is likely spam emails that have nothing to do with this site's content and advertise the usual Viagra, African lottery, etc. garbage can just appear. I'll work to keep that stuff off the page. More importantly, I'm concerned with vulgarity or false attribution of comments. So, if you're a regular reader/commenter, please keep an eye out for anything with your name attached an let me know immediately if your name has been used inappropriately.

That's it, have at it!

Update: This immediate posting feature means I need to re-code the Recent Comments function, so they're not listing as they were before. Be sure to scroll down and check the comments under topics of interest, such as the note from Erie Mayor Andrew Moore re: the Erie Review's editorial.


Anonymous said...

Nice job - I think we can rely on people to be willing to comment with their own alias and not stoop to false attribution... Signed, George W Bush

Anonymous said...

Please excuse my husband. He's had a hard week.
Sincerely, Laura B.