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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Chat with Louisville Mayor Chuck Jan 17

Chat with the Louisville Mayor Chuck Sisk has another open forum coming up - his next "Chat with Chuck" session is Wednesday, January 17 at the new Louisville Library, 2nd Floor Meeting Room at 951 Spruce Street, 4:00 - 5:30 PM.

The city advertises this as a way for citizens to ask him questions about any City program or project. This informal conversational setting is a great service offered by the Mayor.


Anonymous said...

With the snow in the forecast for this weekend....please keep in mind that the Chat w/ Chuck is in Louisville so you are advised to bring your own shovel, snowblower or ice skates in order to make your own way to the meeting place.....or ask Chuck for the name & number of the City's hazard insurance agent so you can put a claim in when you slip & fall

dreamer-believer said...

Snow removal jokes aside, I appreciate the open door Chat with Chuck forum Louisville provides. Lafayette initiated similar casual council coffees a few years ago but they seem to have disappeared.

Chris Cameron said...

The Lafayette Council Coffee Talks aren't gone. We had a booth at Celebrate Lafayette in September instead of Coffee Talk and will be hosting Coffee Talk in February or March. I will let Dan know when I know the date for sure. I guess we did miss one, but count on more opportunities for the public to communicate with Council in a casual environment.


Cyclorado said...

I think Lafayette City Council still has the coffee chats. I remember at least one last year at the Cannon Mine. Good opportunity to get a way too caffeinated council to do what you want!